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8 Funeral Etiquette Rules Every Guest Should Follow

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8 Funeral Etiquette Rules Every Guest Should Follow

Attending a funeral comes with etiquette rules that may seem unfamiliar to some guests. With funeral rituals varying based on culture, religion, and personal preferences, it can be confusing to know how to act appropriately. By following some universal etiquette guidelines, you can show respect, comfort the grieving, and honor the deceased at any type of funeral service.

Dress Appropriately

Unless otherwise specified, opt for more formal, conservative attire at a funeral. For men, a suit and tie or at minimum dress slacks and a collared dress shirt are suitable. For women, modest dresses or pantsuits in dark colors work well. Avoid revealing or casual everyday clothes. However, don’t feel you must buy new funeral clothes if you lack formal attire – just wear neater, nicer garments than your daily wear.

Arrive On Time

Strive to arrive roughly 15 minutes early for the scheduled funeral ceremony start time. This ensures you get settled before things begin and do not inadvertently disrupt the proceedings or draw impolite attention by slipping in late. Sign the guest book and find a seat ahead of time. If an unavoidable delay occurs, enter as quietly and unobtrusively as you can.

Avoid Taking Photos

As a sign of respect, refrain from taking photos or videos during the funeral service or visitation times. This includes avoiding posed shots with the deceased. Casual photo-taking can be seen as inappropriate. However, the family may arrange for professional photos with the deceased and invite you to participate – in which case, comply with sensitivity.

Keep Phones Silent

Make sure to silence your cell phone and refrain from taking calls, texting, or using social media during the funeral. These distractions are disrespectful during solemn occasions. Any urgent matters requiring a call or text should be handled quietly outside the service area. Avoid audible technology use inside.

Don’t Wear Strong Fragrances

Given the enclosed indoor setting, avoid strong perfumes, colognes, or scented lotions when attending a funeral. These can be bothersome or overwhelming to the grieving family and other guests. Opt for minimal or no fragrance out of consideration for those who may have allergies or sensitivity to scents.

Pay Condolences Respectfully

Reach out with a sincere message of sympathy for the family’s loss. Focus on sharing fond memories of the deceased or expressing care for those mourning. There is no need to feel compelled to include religious sentiments unless you genuinely wish to provide spiritual comfort.

This moment calls for keeping words simple, thoughtful, and centered on honoring the individual’s qualities rather than casual conversation. The grieving will find solace in knowing their loved one is remembered with care, compassion, and respect by others.

Thank Hosts

Be sure to thank funeral hosts including officiants, planners, and family members who have arranged the services and receptions. Express appreciation for their efforts to honor the deceased. Offer assistance cleaning up or clearing leftover funeral catering in Minneapolis if you are attending post-funeral gatherings. Acts of service showcase your gratitude.

Allow Family Privacy

While funerals foster community support, recognize the family is grieving intensely. Do not force conversation, linger, or expect intimacy from them at this time if you are not extremely close. Allow family members private time and space as desired. They will connect on their own terms when ready. Respect their needs.