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A Guide to the Most Effective MKV Player for Macs

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A Guide to the Most Effective MKV Player for Macs

MKV files are known to be compatible with a wide range of file formats such as videos, audio, images, and subtitles. It is an open-source application that supports different codes and customizations. It offers unique rendering and storage capabilities that allow for storing large movies, shows, and music files. It has features closely related to MP4 files which give it an advantage for opening nearly any type of audio and video files. It is used to record files such as MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, and FLV. You can choose different ways how to watch an MKV file on a Mac.

How to play MKV files on Mac

An MKV player Mac can display both audio tracks and subtitles in videos in multiple languages. If you encode it with x264 or x265, you can use it to play super-quality videos. The files might not open on Mac using QuickTime but this information will provide you with options on how to open an MKV file on Mac.

Use Cisdem Video Player to open MKV files on Mac

Cisdem Video Player is one of the top players for MKV files on Mac. It gives you exceptional quality for files such as Flac, MKV, M4V, and MP4. The player is light and comes with a customizable interface that allows you to add hundreds of videos and play them one at a time. This MKV player for Mac allows you to add video codecs such as VP9, HEVC, and h.264 without the installation of external code packs. The player has attractive features such as the ability to create multiple lists, playback control, import, and incognito mode.

Since macOS does not natively support the opening of MKV files, you need a third-party application to open MKV files on Mac. They provide you with easy-to-open options by either dragging and dropping your files or right-clicking the file and choosing open with.  When it comes to choosing a macOS MKV player, search for an option that will meet your expectations. Your MKV video player options on SetApp include a variety of free and paid MKV players for Mac options.

Use a VLC Media Player to play MKV on Mac

VLC Media Player is built to support opening and playing a variety of files including MKV files on Apple devices. It also supports the playing of DVDs and VCDs plus other streaming protocols. The player allows you to record videos, audio, editing, and cutting of various files. Its advanced features allow synchronizing of subtitles and filtering of videos and audio. The MKV player Mac can be used to compress videos and transcode a variety of multimedia files.

Use Elmedia Player to open MKV on Mac

Elmedia Player has a free trial version and a subscription option. You can use it to open nearly any type of video or audio file formats including WMV, MKV, AIV, and MP4. You can customize its settings to add playback, subtitles, create playlists, or play videos online. The player allows you to connect to other Apple devices, speakers, or TV with Bluetooth or WIFI. You can shrink the player to any size on your desktop.

Use QuickTime in-built macOS MKV player

QuickTime is an in-built player for playing and editing common videos on Mac. It allows you to trim, rotate, or rearrange videos as you desire.  The tool is also useful for splitting videos into different clips if you need to manipulate them individually.

The player allows compression, playing HD videos, playback, and direct playing from the window. The tool might fail to open MKV files on Mac but you need to add a compatible plugin such as Perian Plugin. It is easy to learn how to open MKV on Mac using a plugin and add a variety of codecs beyond MKV. You first need to download the plugin and install it on the QuickTime library.

Use Handbrake MKV media player

Handbrake is an MKV file player Mac that converts a variety of files to MKV format. It is an open-source application mainly used for ripping videos. It allows you to convert MKV files to other formats such as MP4 and MP3. You first need to download the MKV player for Mac and then choose an open-source option to launch it on your screen.

Use 5KPlyer

5KPlyer is an MKV player Mac-compatible application available for free. It has a variety of uses and allows you to stream, view, download, and customize videos. The Mac video player MKV has playing capabilities for HD and UHD playback and supports other file formats. Users might notice the many ads that pop up when using the player but that is common with many free video players.


MacBook comes with a free inbuilt QuickTime player for playing, compressing, and customizing many types of videos. You might not directly open HKV files with QuickTime and that is why you need other types of applications. Mac is compatible with a variety of players that you can download or use online to stream your audio and video files for free.