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Common myths about personal injury claims in Salt Lake City 

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Common myths about personal injury claims in Salt Lake City 

When you have endured injuries and financial losses due to someone’s mistake in Salt Lake City, you should be hands-on about recovering compensation. A quick search on Google will give you a brief idea about the personal injury laws in Utah, but that’s never enough. You need legal advice from an expert, and fortunately, there are numerous law firms specializing in injury claims in Salt Lake City. For your help, here is a quick overview of typical myths related to such claims. 

You can quickly get a settlement

People often assume that personal injury claims are an easy way to make money by alleging someone else is responsible for their injuries. In reality, the situation is drastically different. If you file a claim, you have the burden of proof, which means there is a need for evidence. Also, the first step is usually to file a third-party insurance claim, and it won’t be as easy as it seems. 

Insurance companies will offer decent money

One of the biggest struggles in recovering money is battling insurance companies. Claims adjusters are trained to reduce and undermine payouts, and even if you have an offer, it is unlikely to be fair. If you end up giving a statement, there is a higher chance that your words will be used against you. In other words, you cannot trust the insurance company. 

There is no need for an injury lawyer

From the first step of educating about Utah laws and explaining your rights to gathering evidence and doing a detailed investigation, an injury lawyer has multiple roles. If the lawsuit goes to trial, you will need your attorney to move ahead. Also, while not all claimants get multi-million-dollar settlements, having an attorney does improve your injuries. 

Affording an attorney is hard

While this is often true for criminal and family law-related matters, personal injury cases are unique. The injury lawyer will not take the usual hourly rate but a share of the settlement, which is based on your payout. Even if you don’t have money to pay a consultation fee, you can still meet an attorney. If they see merit in your claim, they will fight further without asking for upfront costs. 

You can file a lawsuit when you want

The truth is there is a time cap for filing injury lawsuits, and in Utah, you have four years. However, that doesn’t mean that you should wait. The sooner you work on gathering information and evidence, the better chances you have. 

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