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Designing a Celebration of Life: Ideas to Reflect and Remember

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Designing a Celebration of Life: Ideas to Reflect and Remember

There are numerous exceptional ways to honour and recollect a loved one. Instead of a funeral, some families opt to stage a celebration of life. Others hold a funeral followed by a celebration of life weeks, months, or years later to continue paying tribute to their departed loved one or to include those who were unable to attend the funeral. 

What do you do at a celebration of life?

A celebration of life event can include a variety of activities, such as hosting a fundraiser or establishing a garden. For you and your loved ones, the gathering may involve viewing old photographs, raising a glass, and reminiscing. For others, it may involve visiting a particular location or engaging in the deceased’s favourite pastime. However, a celebration of life in Toronto focuses primarily on recalling and honouring the deceased. 

Follow along to discover the ideal means to honour a loved one. 

Donate in their name

Celebrating a person’s life may involve donating to a cause that was dear to them. Perhaps you will raise funds for charity in honour of your colleague, or donate to a foundation. Even better, you could create a scholarship or memorial fund in their honour. But if you would like it to be more of an event, you could always host a walk-a-thon or 5K run so that all of your loved ones can participate. 

Organize a destination celebration of life

Did they have a favourite beach vacation spot? Your spouse enjoyed skiing in the highlands, correct? If so, organize a celebration of life at the destination location. Gather your friends and family and participate in your loved one’s preferred activities. This may involve swimming in the ocean and consuming blue crustaceans in her honour. Regarding your spouse, you could ski at a nearby ski resort. Simply being in a location they appreciate can induce a sensation of tranquillity. 

Scatter their ashes

When it comes to the finest activities for a celebration of life, many people find solace in scattering the ashes of a deceased loved one. You could disperse them at sea, along their favourite trail, or in a private area of your property. If your deceased loved one had a strong connection to the natural world, scattering their ashes at the base of a memorial tree that helps preserve forestland may be a fitting tribute.  

Commission a memorial bench

If your loved one enjoyed surfing at the beach or your loved one enjoyed wandering around the local lake, dedicate a memorial bench to them in that location and unveil the bench at the celebration of life for everyone to observe. The attractiveness of this concept is that whenever you mourn a loved one, you can visit their bench, reflect on their life, and absorb their preferred surroundings.

Create a video montage or scrapbook 

Some individuals use ancient photographs and recordings to remember deceased loved ones. Consider creating a video montage or scrapbook of your loved one if this is the case. Not only is it a means to commemorate them, but it could provide you with a way to channel your emotions. Reach out to your friends and family members for video or photo contributions, and share your creation at the celebration of life for others to enjoy. Toronto baskets can also be a thoughtful addition to such gatherings, providing comfort and support to those in attendance.

Plant a tree in their honour

A magnificent way to honour the memory of a deceased loved one is by providing life to something else, such as by planting a tree, plant, or garden. Invite others to dig trenches, spread mulch, and plant seeds in the name of your loved one. Everyone who knew and loved them will enjoy visiting and observing the growth of this living memorial. Funeral flowers in Toronto can also complement this tribute beautifully.

Design matching tattoos

If you, and those close to you, are mourning the loss of someone special, you might consider designing matching tattoos in their honor. You could get your loved one’s initials placed on your wrist or a quote in your handwriting. Getting a tattoo together can be a unique bonding experience that serves as a way to commemorate the deceased. 

Remembrance ceremony  

A ceremony of remembrance is a lovely way to honour and commemorate your child’s recollections. This can be held at a community centre, banquet venue, butterfly house, or park. Include poems and readings by family and acquaintances on a short schedule. Light a memorial candle and observe a moment or two of silence. You can host this event immediately following the passing of your loved one, or you can delay a month or so. You could also set up a table with a small art project that guests can complete in memory of your child and take home with them.