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Home Renovation Ideas for Renting Out in Sacramento

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We live in a modernized world, and technologies evolve day by day. Likewise, you can see people renovating and installing dozens of new technologies on their property for housing. A good house requires good furniture and the installation of techno-friendly assets, especially in a city like Sacramento. If you are about to list your room for rent, take a quick check if the home areas need renovation. This article will discuss some home renovation and decoration ideas for homeowners to help make their houses look attractive to their potential tenants.

1. Open floor plans

Most of the houses in Sacramento have open floor plans which are appealing and popular among millennials. Nowadays, tenants specifically request abundant open spaces and fewer walls, as they would prefer to move inside their houses for daily activities freely.

Moreover, open floor plans are highly beneficial for gatherings and parties inside the house. For example, imagine you have invited some of your friends home for a small party that you have organized. Now, you would require communicating with your friends while partying; in this case, open floors are very helpful as you can efficiently accommodate a large gathering in an open floor space. However, if you have walls all-around your rental property’s hall, it could be more complex to host a large gathering of guests.

2. Kitchen renovations

The kitchen is one of the fundamental areas that should be updated with innovative renovation ideas more often than not. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to upgrade your kitchen with new items and electrical appliances. Here are some unique and effective kitchen renovation ideas:

  • Use bronze hardware and remove brushed nickel.
  • Install shaker cabinets.
  • Instead of using black and white appliances, use stainless steel ones.
  • Do not use top-mounted light fixtures. Instead, use soft and recessed lighting.
  • Color your tile backsplash with bright colors like white and gray. It gives your kitchen an aesthetic look.

3. Bathroom upgrades

Upgrading your bathroom is a good idea before you go for renting a room in Sacramento. Homeowners should consider making some improvements in the bathroom, such as finding a way to conserve water, which will be extremely helpful in saving the tenants’ water bills. In addition, giving a new and aesthetic look to the bathrooms can add additional value to your rental property.

The following are some of the upgrades that can be carried out in the bathroom areas to attract potential tenants:

  • Low-flow shower valves & fixtures.
  • Low-flow toilets.
  • Smart sensors for flushing and washing hands.
  • Instead of having a bathtub, you can install stand-up shower valves with a dual shower.
  • Install light-colored tiles throughout the bathroom to provide attractive looks.

4. Smart-Home configurations

These days many landlords are turning their houses into smart homes. It is a sign of luxury and comfort. However, a fully modernized smart home allows its users to control everything they want using advanced tools and technologies. Many new features can be installed in your rental home, including smart sensors in the bathroom, thermostats like Nest, smart exhaust fans, voice control gadgets, automatic gates, doors, etc. It has been estimated that in 10 years, most of the houses in this world will be turned into smart homes with more extraordinary technological advancements.

5. Replace carpeting

Wall carpeting has almost become obsolete in Sacramento. Nowadays, most property owners have stopped doing that in their houses. Instead, it has become a trend for homeowners to prefer vinyl-plank flooring, laminate floors, or hard flooring, even though carpeting is a decent choice. You can use vinyl-plank flooring as an alternative to hardwood flooring. It possesses affordability and high durability.

Some of the alternatives to hardwood flooring include:

  • Concrete
  • Hemp wood
  • Bamboo
  • Wood-like tile
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl-plank
  • Cork

6. Baseboard updates

Updating baseboards can make a huge difference in your rental property. It is a common trend that many homeowners have started upgrading the baseboards in their rental and living units. The baseboard appears like a trim capable of covering the interior wall’s lowest part.

Changing or updating the baseboard might seem like a small thing, but it can have significant impacts in terms of looks. On the other hand, if you see it from a decoration perspective, it would seem like a huge thing and is a key part of home renovations. Most landlords increase their baseboard size from 2 to 4 inches. However, some homeowners even install up to 10 inches in their apartments.

7. Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is a type of popular lighting technology that has become very famous among Americans. A significant advantage of recessed lighting is that adding a fixture and extending it downwards is unnecessary to install light bulbs. So, it does not take up any space and is mounted directly on the walls and ceilings, giving it a modern look. Moreover, recessed lights are an excellent solution for small apartments, houses, and rental rooms in Sacramento. A recessed bulb appears to be present inside a canister in the shape of an inverted cylinder.

8. New windows and coverings

Installing new and modern windows enhances the property’s value and gives an aesthetic look to it. However, while adding new windows, you need to be sure you do not skimp on adding cheap window coverings, such as white plastic blinds. Instead, you should opt for wooden or metal mini-blinds. Moreover, if you have a reasonable budget, you can even install wide wooden or faux wooden blinds. Having any of these window enhancements can make the place complement the open spaces.


Everyone prefers to have a classy and modern look in their apartments. Having aesthetic interiors will impact your overall mood and thoughts. Usually, houses for rent in Sacramento are modernized with new ideas and technology to assist the renters. It also enhances the property’s value, so it is a big boon for landlords and homeowners. So, if you want to attract good tenants, brainstorm some innovative home renovation ideas and implement them. Remember that a beautiful home would attract more tenants.