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Timeshare Freedom Group Reviews: Is it Trustworthy?

Are you searching the web for evaluations that can be reliable to the best timeshare exit company and to see which offers the most effective services? By reading this article, you will learn about Timeshare Freedom Group, also known as Timeshare Freedom LLC, one of the timeshares exit businesses.

Timeshare Freedom Group is a US-based organization with offices in over 15 locations. Since 2010, they have been servicing the industry, and their website and Facebook page demonstrate that they have contributed to over 15,000 timeshare owners withdrawing their ownership from the timeshares they no longer want. At BBB, the address is given as its headquarters in Laguna Hills, California.

Timeshare Freedom Group Reviews

While browsing the Timeshare Freedom Group’s page, it is interesting to find several celebrities endorsing the company: on platforms such as radio programs and social media posts. Stars are likely to promote a business if they are paid to do so. However, no evidence exists that Timeshare Freedom Group pays celebrities to endorse them.

It would be helpful to suggest that while reading reviews, you should bear this in mind; Inherently, buying an endorsement isn’t necessarily bad.

Like any company, Timeshare Freedom Group reviews has favorable customer reviews as its website’s best timeshare exit company. But if you dig deeper to locate trustworthy reviews, you may also find positive reviews on sites like Yelp and Trustpilot.

Well, also, last year’s reviews on Yelp are negative ones for the Timeshare Freedom Group; but take it as a regular business model where there can also be the possibility of negative reviews by the clients.

Only when there are a large number of unfavorable reviews or when the business does not respond to the negative allegations should there be cause for concern. The unfavorable reviews have not yet received a response from Timeshare Freedom Group.

Important to note: The Timeshare Freedom Group has never replied to customers who have left positive evaluations on its website; they may still be unaware of that negative feedback.

Complaints on Timeshare Freedom Group?

Well, it is a complaint about the Timeshare Freedom Group. While the company works under Timeshare Freedom LLC, why has it been operating under several names for the same organization? Since the company is working under the following mentioned names:

  • com
  • Integrity Marketing Solutions
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • org

The following address is where all of the businesses on the above list are situated:

Suite 17 at 7350 Futures Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Timeshare Freedom LLC has registered so many distinct names for a variety of reasons. The majority of businesses don’t want to do this, and it frequently indicates fraud.


There are still some chances that the company can fulfill your needs properly, taking into account the reviews—both favorable and negative—and the outcomes. Since Yelp and Trustpilot are the most reliable websites, it is being reviewed that they have a lot of promising studies proving there is room for some trust with them.

There are still methods to accomplish it safely if you decide to engage with a timeshare exit company after considering all of your alternatives. Pick an exit firm that provides an escrow payment schedule. Aim to stay away from timeshare exit businesses that demand significant up-front payments. This is the greatest strategy to ensure that you will be safe from common scams.

If you are aware of your legal options, you can leave your timeshare contract in a secure and compliant manner with any best timeshare exit company.

In America, there are innumerable timeshare exit scams, and new ones appear every year. One in eight American households has a timeshare, and it appears that this percentage is rising steadily. Numerous Americans have complained about similar frauds to the Better Business Bureau over the previous four years.

It is always advisable for any timeshare owner to consider employing an exit team to conduct due diligence on potential firms and evaluate their qualifications.